Have Better Timing & More Mental Reps. The Video Never lies.

95+ is available on iPad and iPad Mini

You Are Your Own Best Coach

95+ gives you the technology to train and learn on your own or with a pitching coach. Becoming a better student on how your mechanics work can help you achieve success. By putting your mind to work, you can see yourself get better.

Checkpoints To Improve Mechanics

With the 95+ app, you can now measure certain checkpoints during your delivery to help you stay more athletic.

Training Videos to Improve You

95+ has collaborated with specific industry professionals to help bring you physical improvements and mental exercises. By improving your physical training and increasing your mental awareness, your delivery will begin to evolve and you will improve your game.

Coaches Helping You Self-Correct

95+ Coaches will help you self-correct through video tutorials. Certain parameters are built in to help you improve physical and mental awareness. Keep up with your progress and also send out your latest measurements and videos to your coach.

Help is just a click away

With the 95+ app, you now have an on-going technology to help you improve your delivery. Need help, schedule a session today with one of our coaches through our remote coaching.

How To Use 95+


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