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95+ was created for the simple fact that no matter your height or weight you have the ability within your body to increase command and velocity faster than what you might have thought was possible. It’s my mission to show every client their full potential.  It is a fact that visual aids greatly improve learning as well as 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual.

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A Little Background on your Coach

Caleb Balbuena, owner and instructor

When I left high school I was throwing 70-75mph. I was 6’6 and 230 pounds and just didn’t know how to throw. I was a big, athletic guy but had no idea how to maneuver my body nor did I have the rhythm and timing it takes to deliver the ball with any kind of velocity. It wasn’t until after several years of training, and learning more about my body and body movements through my years playing professional baseball, followed by Tommy John surgery, that I finally found it. After Tommy John surgery I knew that there was something wrong with my mechanics. As a tall pitcher it never really felt as though I was using my entire body, things were out of of rhythm and my scar on my arm was proof. I successfully rebounded from Tommy John surgery and personally underwent a Biomechanical Analysis. I worked with a Biomechanical Specialist during rehab and became more aware of what it felt like to deliver the ball more efficiently using the body feeling better timing. Throw after throw, pitch after pitch, I began to discover how to get the power that I always knew I could create.

I was originally selected by the Baltimore Orioles in the sixth round of the 1997 amateur draft, I chose not to sign and instead took a scholarship opportunity to play at Long Beach State. My success at Long Beach State included a trip to the College World Series. I went on to pitch for the Seattle Mariners, as well as the Colorado Rockies, in the minor leagues. I started with the Kansas City T-Bones organization in 2004, appearing in 21 games before having my contract purchased by the Colorado Rockies. All in all I spent time with two different organizations and various Independent Baseball teams throughout the US. After retiring, I began my coaching career in 2008 which included two years as the pitching coach for the Kansas City T-Bones as well as a year as pitching coach for the Harlingen Whitewings of the UBL, then becoming the Manager later in the year. I have over 13 years of professional baseball experience as well as 13 plus years of doing lessons. Included in those 13 years of lessons I also spent 3 years working with a Biomechanical specialist, Brandon Young, to add more experience as an instructor.

The instruction I offer is unique and hinges on one-on-one teaching using tons of video work. Everyone has a story, and at one point in my story I topped out at 98mph. The use of biomechanics and the understanding of one’s body coupled with hard work are the foundations of what I teach. You’ve heard the saying ‘work smarter, not harder’. The video never lies. You don’t have to be 6’6 to throw 95mph+. There are many pitchers that are 6’0 and under that produce command and velocity like the taller guys do and its because there body works, their timing works. All I need is one chance and I will prove to you that you WILL get better. In the 13 plus years working with clients that range from 11-27, from the beginners to the professionals I have not ran into a client I have not been able to help. Nobody has perfect timing…

– CB | Caleb Balbuena, owner and instructor


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